Guidelines Concerning Use of Copyrighted Material from Trials of Mana

The rights in all copyrighted material in Trials of Mana (the “Game”) and on any related websites (the “Copyrighted Material”) are owned by Square Enix Co., Ltd (the “Company”) or the material’s copyright holders.  Any reproduction or distribution of the Copyrighted Materials without prior consent of the Company and/or the relevant copyright holders is prohibited.  

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are permitted to use the Copyrighted Material if such usage falls within the “permitted content and channels” and follows the “conditions of usage” outlined below.  

Permitted Content and Channels
1.	You are permitted to reproduce and distribute only the following Copyrighted Materials (the “Permitted Content”):  
•	in-Game text, screenshots, and gameplay videos;    
•	music or music data in the Game; and
•	text, information, screen shots, or videos published on the Game’s official website or on any of the other Mana series website.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following is not Permitted Content:  
•	Company’s corporate logo and images or screenshots of logos attached to Company’s products or services; 
•	other companies’ corporate logos and images or screenshots of logos attached to their products or services; and 
•	content originally posted by accounts other than the official Mana series social media accounts (including the official accounts for the Game) which have been quoted or reproduced on the Game’s official website or other Mana series official sites or social media accounts.

2.	You are permitted to reproduce or distribute the Permitted Content via only the following channels:  
•	personal websites; 
•	blogs; and 
•	social networking services. 
Conditions of Usage
1.	Non-commercial use only.  You are not permitted to reproduce or distribute the Permitted Content on any website, service, or other channel that requires payment to view.  However, you are permitted to reproduce or distribute the Permitted Content on websites, services, or other channels that provide an official partnering function like YouTube or Ustream.  If a website or service has any questions about your authority to post content on their website or service, please direct them these Guidelines.  

2.	You must display the following notice in an easily visible location (e.g., top page, footer, etc.) when you reproduce or distribute any Permitted Content:

The company, product, and system names shown here are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.  

3.	When reproducing or distributing images and videos from the Game, you must display the following copyright notice in an easily visible location:   

This content contains copyrighted material owned by Square Enix Co., Ltd.  
Re-publishing or distribution is prohibited. © 1995, 2019, 2020 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

If you post multiple images or videos on the same web page, you may display the above-required notice once for the whole page rather than in every individual image or video.

4.	You must not combine the Permitted Content with any content from outside the Game.   This prohibition includes combining the Game with external music or voice data in gameplay videos and combining music or voice data from the Game with content other than the Permitted Content.  However, you are permitted to create content that combines multiple elements from the Permitted Materials or in which your own voice is added on top of the Permitted Content.  

5.	Do not reproduce or distribute gameplay videos or other content for which listening to music from the Game could be considered the main purpose of the content.  Do not reproduce or distribute Game music or music data on its own. 

6.	Do not use Permitted Content to slander or defame other people.

7.	Do not use Permitted Content for religious, political, antisocial, or other similar activities.

8.	Do not excessively edit or alter the Permitted Content. 

9.	Do not use Permitted Content to promote other products or services.

10.	Do not remove or alter any copyright and trademark notices attached to the Copyrighted Material. 

11.	Do not create or publish derivative content based on the Copyrighted Content regardless of whether you provide such content for free or paid (except as expressly authorized herein).  

12.	Do not use the Permitted Content in a manner that violates public morals or decency. 

13.	You must immediately cease reproduction and distribution of Copyrighted Materials at Company’s request.  Company reserves the right to delete or request the deletion of Copyrighted Materials if Company deems any usage of such content to be inappropriate.  

14.	You are solely responsible for your use of the Copyrighted Materials and all such usage is at your own risk.  Company does not guarantee your use of any Copyrighted Materials does not violate third party rights.  Company will not compensate you for any damages you incur, or any disputes with third parties that result from, your usage of the Copyrighted Materials.


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